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What makes a good Super Bowl Sunday? For those without their team represented in the game, they put stock in clever advertisements and a smorgasbord of food. In honor of the event taking up temporary residence in Arizona, we’ve compiled a selection of southwest-inspired dishes that will spice up your party.

No Super Bowl get-together is complete without a cheese dip, more specifically, our Spicy Pimento Cheese. Decadently creamy with a little kick that keeps you honest, this spread will be gobbled up before the field clears for the halftime show.


Finger food is a staple among game day platters, and our Black Bean Nachos with Three Salsas fill that spot with gusto. The trio of salsas dance together for the perfect combination of sweet and spicy topping. A major advantage of this recipe is the leftover salsas- they can be incorporated to another dish, like our tacos, or served in a bowl alongside chips for easy snacking.

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It’s the host’s choice for what tacos of ours you’d like to serve, but we recommend the Steak Tacos with Dried Chile Salsa (bottom) or the Chicken Tacos with Roasted Tomatillo Salsa (top). These tacos are like two sides of the same coin, savory and comforting- the steak tacos offer a nice smoky and hearty flavor, while the chicken tacos are tangy and light.

Whether you’ve fired up the grill at your tailgate in Glendale, or are braving the winter elements in your northern back yard, these Chili Jam Chicken Skewers are worth every minute you watch them sizzle. Our Chili Jam is used as a marinade in this recipe, and does it ever fill the kabobs with flavor, leaving each bite of chicken extra juicy.

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With a protein heavy lineup, it’s nice to include some veggies for the herbivores in the crowd. Our Sautéed Vegetables with Chili Jam are bold in color and taste; with a tinge of spice and a whole lot of green this dish is totally guilt free!

2014 SPring catalog

While it’s not quintessential Southwest cuisine, something just doesn’t feel right about having a football viewing party without wings; wings are the yin to game day’s yang. Our Apricot Hot Wings are sweet, savory, finger-licking good and definitely in the lineup for Sunday. Wash these puppies down with a cold beer and you’ll be in hog heaven.


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