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American Spoon’s Spring catalog should arrive at your home sometime next week, and because so many of our customers tell us how much they love reading each season’s letter from Justin, we thought we’d share this Spring’s letter here. Enjoy!

Greetings from the Northern Fruitlands.

Someday soon another Spring will sweep into the Northern Fruitlands all sun and warmth and smiles as if we hadn’t been waiting interminable weeks for its arrival. Immersed in the warming air as it moves through the orchards, we will hear the humming of ten thousand circling bees catching the scent of a million sun struck blooms. Before there is fruit there must be flowers, and, in May, here among the green rolling hills, the land around every bend greets the eyes with such an embarrassment of blossoms that laughter erupting amid gasps of amazement is the most common response. Each tree is an immaculate white or pink popcorn bouquet held up to the sky so that, viewed at the perfect moment, a sunlit orchard climbing a hillside to the horizon can dissolve the differences between the celestial and the earthly heavens and rival the very clouds.


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