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Tart cherries and sweet peaches are no strangers to each other.  They often grow in the same orchards and their complementary flavors mingle together all summer long in pies and cobblers and fruity cocktails, but I would never have thought to combine those two quintessential summer treats with the cheerful orange pumpkins that mark the beginning of autumn.  And if by some rare stroke of genius I had, it certainly wouldn’t have occurred to me that such unlikely companions might make a tasty chili.  For that we can thank Gina Wittenberg, the American Spoon customer who dreamed up Cherry Peach Pumpkin Chili years ago.  It has since become one of our most popular recipes, featuring the sweet heat of our bestselling Cherry Peach Salsa and the rich, autumnal complexity of our Pumpkin Chipotle Roasting Sauce.

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