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It’s no secret that our Fruit Perfect is delicious in pies, stirred into yogurt, spooned over pancakes and ice cream or enjoyed straight from the jar, but recently Justin shared that he’s been using Fruit Perfect Blueberries to recreate a favorite from his childhood.  He grew up eating his mother’s homemade labneh, a tangy, creamy staple of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine similar but not quite identical to both yogurt and sour cream.  In his household, labneh was the standard accompaniment to toast, so a few weeks ago when Justin saw small containers of it for sale at the natural foods co-op here in Petoskey, he took some home, spread it over a slice of whole wheat toast and, in a moment of improvisation, added a spoonful of plump, sweet Fruit Perfect Blueberries and a sprinkling of dried spearmint in place of the more traditional zaatar.

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